• Screw configuration and automatic generation system of rubber extruder

    In rubber industry, screw extruder is a very important processing equipment. The research of screw extruder is one of the hot spots in the field of screw extruder because of the development of its core component, the extrusion screw configuration. Based on the analysis of the characteristics of various screw structures, the theoretical analysis of screw configuration is carried out. The extrusion mechanism, main function, advantages and disadvantages of various screw configurations are analyzed, and the influence of screw configurations on extrusion process is analyzed. The research on the working principle of different screw configuration and its influence on extrusion process will be beneficial to the further optimization of screw structure design and the development of new screw, which will benefit the development of rubber industry; and the research on the characteristics of screw structure of different configurations is the basis of the development of special CAD system for rubber screw. It is also the basis of optimizing the design function of the special CAD system for rubber screw. At present, the special CAD for rubber machinery It is based on structure. It is not only very poor reuse, but also difficult to meet the needs of complex system diversification, difficult to realize expansion and reuse, and also difficult to solve the cross process, cross platform transplantation and distributed design of rubber machinery CAD system Problems in terms of usage and so on. To solve these problems, the selection of system design mode and the reusability and scalability of the system become the key of system design. At present, we can use a variety of design patterns to reuse software objects cleverly, and design the system structure of software from the top level; COM based component object model can realize the compatibility of various forms based on binary executable code level, so that reuse can be realized well. The component object model based on COM is a feasible way to realize the rubber special CAD system. Based on the research of different screw configurations, according to the characteristics of CAD parametric design of rubber extruder screw, the paper adopts c++ object-oriented development language, and uses com as function unit to design the structure of screw automatic generation system of rubber extruder. The system can easily realize the future expansion and code reuse and realize distributed application The land has improved the development efficiency. Finally, under the guidance of "feasible way" on the visual c++ 6.0 development platform, the development of "rubber screw automatic generation system" based on COM is completed.